Guest Post: Introducing Gillian Growdon | Dr. Christine Carter

Guest Post: Introducing Gillian Growdon


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Hello all!

I want to introduce my pal Gilly, who is doing some book reviews for this blog. Dozens of great parenting books are sent to me for review every year, and though I read a lot of them, the task of reviewing them for y’all never seems to happen.

Please meet Gillian Growdon!

Dear Raising Happiness folks,

I have three kids under six years old: a boy (5), girl (3), and another boy (7 mos)!

My husband John and I wouldn’t have had it any other way, but it is a lot of hard work managing the logistics of our gang – and feeling confident that we are raising happy, curious and kind people.

When going with my gut doesn’t seem to work, I do my research. I read, attend seminars, and talk through our challenges (sometimes tearfully) with anyone who will listen.

There’s a lot of information out there. It’s hard to know what to trust. If you do have a moment between naps and the carpool to read—I hope this blog will help you find your way through the clutter to what will make a difference for your family.

So here I am, thrilled to be part of the Raising Happiness blog, and ready to share what works and a little humor about things I’ve tried on the “frontlines” in our home. I will enjoy hearing your feedback on the books I discuss and others that you have found to be helpful for your family!

Happy reading,


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  • Cateymac

    Awesome, Gilly! Christine rocks and so do you, so hooray for all the readers!