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Raising Happiness Homestudy

The Full Raising Happiness Course

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30-week class

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This 30-week course encompasses eight full Raising Happiness Themes. Each week you’ll receive a step-by-step training video (watch anytime you’d like) and done-for-you worksheets designed to make your life easier (and happier, of course!)  You’ll have 24/7 access to the Raising Happiness member site to view the videos, post homework, and ask questions.

Still looking for more detail?  Here is how it all breaks down:

THEME ONE: How and Why to Put Your Own Happiness First

Why Happiness is the Biggest Advantage in Life
It’s True: Your Happiness is the Most Important Thing
Why Parents Today Aren’t Happy
How to Break a Habit and Start a New One: The Science of Change

THEME TWO: The Science of Success
(including how to praise your children and not screw them up)

The Two Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Kids
Your Guide to Elite Performance (i.e., How to Raise an Olympic Athlete)
Perfectionism is a disease; Achievement is a Myth
How to Foster “Grit” in Your Children

THEME THREE: 5 Huge Impact Happiness Habits to Start Now

Sleep and Exercise Make Us Happy and Smart
The Power of Family Dinners: Even if You are Super Busy, Here’s How to Do it
How to Raise Grateful Children
The Neuroscience of Happy Memories: What You Need to Know

THEME FOUR: Be a Great Coach, Not a Dictator
(or: Getting kids to do their chores without nagging)

Emotion Coaching: The Most Important Parenting Skill in the History of the Universe
Just Say No: Bribes, Threats, & Rewards
Getting Kids to Do Boring But Necessary Tasks
Coaching Kids Through Change

THEME FIVE: The Science of Great Relationships

What Types of Problems Do You Have?
How to Pick a Fight Without Damaging Your Relationship
Four Things You Can Do to Keep the Flames Alive
What Science Shows that Happy Couples Do

THEME SIX: How Mindfulness Can Make You Happier and Your Kids Less Stressed

Why Mindfulness Will Make You a Better Parent
You, Too, Can Teach Your Kids Mindfulness (Even if You’re Not a Hippie)
Beware Over-Schedulers: Play is Important for Kids’ Self-Discipline
How to Raise Creative Kids

THEME SEVEN: Manufacturing Happiness:The skills of luck, optimism, and generosity

Can We “Fake It Till We Make It”?
How to Raise Lucky Kids
How to Teach Kids Optimism
How to Raise Kids That Are Kind and Compassionate

THEME EIGHT: Clearing out Habits, Beliefs, and Behaviors that Make us Unhappy

BUY, BUY, BUY!  Shopping is not a Happiness Strategy
The Race to Nowhere: Why Pressuring Kids Won’t Make them Successful
Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: Taming Sibling Rivalry
Holding Grudges Makes Us Miserable: What to Teach Kids so that They Can Forgive


  • Video 1: Baby, or Marriage Wrecking Ball?  Keeping Your Marriage Happy with an Infant
  • Video 2: Raising Happiness with a Teenager in the House
  • Video 3: Grandparents Raise Happiness, too!

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